Children Dentistry


Children Dentistry

What is Children dentistry?

All general dentists receive training in paediatric dentistry when they’re in dental school. However, Dr. Manju is more comfortable than others when it comes to Children Dentistry.

As part of the check up, your dentist will examine your child’s bite, look for signs of decay, identify any potential problems with the jaw and gums, and determine if there is need for a fluoride-based treatment.

We bulk bill Child Dental Benefits Schedule (Medicare) for all eligible children. Our focus is on children’s oral health care and preventive dentistry. Our Children Dentistry is equipped with ‘The Wand’ a painless injection system.

General Dentistry

Children dentistry – Prevent Tooth Decay & Cavities

Parents should understand that dental check-ups are very important for your children, from toddlers to teens. You should visit a dentist as soon as your child develops their baby teeth. These early dental visits will lay the foundation for healthy permanent teeth.

Dental hygiene and regular check-ups are important, especially for young children who are at greater risk of tooth decay and cavities. Only routine dental hygiene visits can reduce and eliminate the risk of tooth decay and cavities. Tooth decay and cavities will not only cause pain and other dental issues, but it can even lead to other medical issues.

Proper Dental Hygiene

Apart from early detection of tooth decay, regular dental check-ups gives parents the opportunity to interact with dental professionals about what’s best for their children’s oral health. The dentist will be able to guide your children on how to follow proper dental hygiene, and much more.

When was the last time you had a dental check-up for your child?

Keep track of your kids visits to a dentist. Make it a habit to visit the dentist at least once every 6 months. Remember, the more consistent your child’s dental habits are, the healthier their teeth will be and you will spend less on expensive procedures like root canal treatment.

If you need services of an affordable dentist in Rochedale, don’t hesitate to call. Remember, this dentist in Rochedale bulk bills.

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