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What are dental fissure sealants?

First of all, dental fissure sealants  are a protective plastic coating. Due to the fact that the back molars are more prone to cavities, the dentist applies it to the surfaces of the chewing teeth.  Furthermore, these sealants similar to a white tooth filling and provide a hard shield that keeps food and bacteria from getting into the tiny grooves in the teeth. They prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Application of dental fissure sealant

Because children find it difficult to clean food and bacteria stuck in the fissures of their teeth, it leads to decay and cavities. Dental fissure sealants fills in the pits and grooves. This helps to protect the teeth from plaque and decay. For best results, apply dental sealants within 18 months of tooth eruption. Also, this will prevent bacteria to set in and decay the new tooth.

The procedure

Dental fissures sealants are painless, and easy to apply. Normally, it takes a few minutes per tooth and does not require anaesthetic. They are usually made of a white or clear plastic material.

The dentist will:

  • Firstly, clean the tooth and dry it
  • Secondly, prepare the tooth surface for bonding
  • Thirdly, the fissures are filled with sealant and it is set using a special dental light
  • Finally, check your bite and polish off any excess sealant

After the procedure

Maintain good oral hygiene, brush twice a day. You will find that it is easier to clean the teeth because the brush will reach all surfaces. Also, visit your dentist regularly for dental check-up. The dentist will check if the sealant is in good condition. Remember, sealants can sometimes fall down or it may wear out over the years and may require re-application.

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