Knocked Out Tooth

Knocked out tooth - Avulsed Tooth.

Professionals refer to a knocked-out tooth as an “avulsed” tooth. This usually happens to you due to an injury or accident. Although this is one of the most serious dental emergencies, there’s a good chance of saving the tooth. The knocked-out tooth can be replanted successfully.

What to do when your tooth is knocked out?

  1. Handle the knocked out tooth carefully.
  2. Never touch the root of the tooth.
  3. Rinse it with milk (or water if milk isn’t available)
  5. If you are an adult, reposition the tooth in the socket immediately or place the tooth between the cheek and gum.
  6. If it is child place the tooth in cup with the child’s saliva
  7. KEEP THE TOOTH MOIST (in milk, saliva or water)
  8. See a dentist immediately

Knocked Out Tooth - What Your Dentist Will Do

Your dentist will clean the socket and the tooth. Then the dentist will position the tooth back into place. The dentist will splint the knocked out tooth to the teeth on either side with composite material or wire. This will hold the tooth in place until it reattaches firmly to the bone. Your dentist will decide when perform a root canal. It will normally take three to four weeks for the tooth to heal.

Your dentist will examine the tooth again in three months to check if there are signs of infection. Be sure to follow up for the next one to two years to ensure that the tooth is healthy and the implant successful.

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