QIP Accreditation

Rochedale Central Dentist is proud to be associated with Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) as an accredited dental clinic. This means we follow the best practice standards in Australia with stringent infection control protocols.

Quality Innovation Performance (QIP)
we deliver the best quality treatment for our patients in the safest environment

What a QIP Accreditation means to our customers?

Accreditation aims to promote continuous quality improvement, implementation of best practice systems and processes. This results in enhanced patient safety and reduction in clinical and general risks. You can trust us to support the wellbeing of you and your family.

A QIP Accredited practice demonstrates compliance with the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards that includes quality, safety and good governance. We follow strict protocols when it comes infection control practices. Our dentists and support staff all trained with the requirements of infection control, implementation of dental systems and improvement of dental processes. Accreditation also ensures that all staff members follow strict protocols when it comes to patient privacy and confidentiality. The QIP Accreditation underscores the fact that our practice upholds the highest levels of professional dental care and ensures that we deliver the best quality treatment for our patients in the safest environment. Call Us at 07 3414 3999 to know more about accreditation.


This is what Australian Dental Association (ADA) has to say about accreditation.

If the dental practice you attend has accredited itself, that means they have, of their own volition and expense, voluntarily committed to continuously improve safety and quality for patients.

What does accreditation involve?

In dentistry, practices must meet the first six of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. Once the practice has completed all the required documentation, they are assessed by an independent accreditation agency who awards the accreditation.
Next time you visit the dentist, keep an eye out for their accreditation certificate or posters about accreditation, and be sure to congratulate the staff on going through the process. It’s involved a huge amount of work for them, all in the name of improving your experience!
Choosing an accredited practice
If your practice doesn’t have accreditation certificates and posters on display, all you need to do is ask them if they have undergone accreditation. You will find though that practices are proud of their accredited status and will make it obvious they have achieved it.

We deliver the best quality treatment