What is Root Canal?

Root Canal or endodontic treatment is a dental procedure to remove infected material inside the tooth called pulp. The pulp consists of the nerve tissue, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Your tooth’s pulp is housed within a chamber and sometimes become damaged, inflamed or infected.

The most common causes of pulp damage

Infection can be due to decay of the tooth or a crack in the tooth. Injury to the tooth can also cause pulp damage. In case the infection is untreated then it can lead to abscess and pain. The tooth will be sensitive to heat or cold. It could become tender to touch and there will be difficulty to chew. Other symptoms include discoloration of the tooth and swelling, drainage and tenderness in the lymph nodes as well as nearby bone and gum tissues. Sometimes there are no symptoms, so regular dental check-ups is necessary to identify and treat any damage.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment normally done in one or two sittings. The first visit involves taking a radiograph of the infected tooth by using x-rays. Then a local anesthetic is administered. The next step is placing a protective sheet called a Dental Dam over the tooth. This not only isolates the tooth from the other teeth but keeps it clean and free of saliva during the procedure.

A small opening is made in the crown and the pulp from the pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned. Then the root canal is filled with a biocompatible material, a rubber-like material, called gutta-percha. The gutta-percha is fixed with an adhesive cement to seal the root canal. In most cases, a temporary filling is placed to close the opening and later removed before the tooth is restored.

If the tooth lacks sufficient structure to hold the restoration in place, a post is placed inside the tooth.

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