Oral Conditions

Oral conditions of the mouth

Many a times we are either too anxious or rather casual about an oral condition or oral conditions affecting our mouth. The question arises as to whether every symptom deserves a visit to the dentist. Should we be alarmed when we get an ulcer in the mouth? Understanding some of the conditions that may afflict our mouth is a good way to take an informed decision about meeting your dentist.

Oral Conditions Include:

1. Bad breath:

Also known as Halitosis, this is common among people of all ages. It occurs due to poor dental hygiene that leads to a plaque bacteria buildup around the gum line and the back of the tongue. Your diet, stress and dehydration are some of the other reasons that can cause bad breath.

2. Burning Mouth syndrome:

A burning sensation on the lips, tongue, palate, throat and cheek area can become very intense and painful. Burning mouth syndrome and is a recurring and chronic condition.

3. Canker sores:

A common affliction for most of us is a canker sore. Also known as aphthous ulcer and is small and persistent. It can be a round or oval lesion with a white or yellowish center and appears on the tissues inside of the mouth. Canker Sores are not contagious. It could be caused by a minor injury inside the mouth due to dental work, an allergic reaction to bacteria, health issues like celiac disease, or food allergies.

4. Dry Mouth Syndrome:

When the saliva levels decrease in the mouth, you suffer from an uncomfortable feeling in the mouth that can be temporary or chronic. The term for this condition is Xerostomia. Cholesterol or blood pressure medications or health conditions like Parkinson’s disease can cause this condition.

5. Oral cancer:

Since oral conditions or symptoms may not be obvious, it is easy to skip screening for oral cancer. Regular dental visits will help greatly in early diagnosis and treatment.

6. Oral herpes:

This condition produces painful and unsightly sores on the lips, bone bearing tissues such as gums and also the roof of the mouth. It is a benign viral condition that is very common.

7. Oral Thrush:

This is also known as oral candidiasis that is caused by excessive growth of candida albicans. This is yeast that is present in the mouth and is usually kept in balance by helpful bacteria. This fungal infection of the mouth is common among people who wear dentures, infants and people with weak immune systems.

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